They will be ready June 4th for you to play with them and take one home!!

April 19, 2020

22 Responses to “They will be ready June 4th for you to play with them and take one home!!”

  1. Charlton West Says:

    Hello, my wife and I are interested in a female Maltese puppy to bring to our home and give lots of love. How do we adopt a puppy from your litter of June 4?

  2. Angela Oswald Says:

    Good morning,

    The maltipoos that will be ready the first week of June, what color is in the litter? I am interested in learning more information, please.

    Many thanks,

  3. Heather H Wilkinson Says:

    I would like a female puppy.

  4. Kim Says:

    Hello, I’m interested in a male puppy. Do you have toy size maltese?

  5. Courtney Says:

    I am interested in a Maltese puppy for my family. When will the puppies be available?

  6. Grace Coffman Says:

    Sorry to have missed the last group of puppies. I am very interested in adopting a little girl.

  7. Shana Yaxley Says:

    are there any puppies left?

  8. Jennifer Holloway Says:

    I was just looking at your page out of curiosity of what was going on in the Maltese world, and thought you might enjoy a little update. I got my girl Murphy from you. She’ll be 9 years old in August. She’s still happy and healthy, and I love her to death. Much joy everyday!

  9. Ellen Sliva Says:

    Hi my family is interested in a male maltese puppy. Do you have any available and if so, could we schedule a visit?

  10. Karina Peng Says:

    Hello we are interested in getting a puppy. We had a lovely Maltese in the past and would love to get another. Please feel free to contact me to schedule a time to meet the puppies!

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